Networking to a Better You

What is Introception?

According to, “introception” means, “A person that is attentive and understanding to the motives, needs and experiences of herself or himself and others. It is a reflecting personality trait.”

The word “introception” is made up of the prefix “intro” meaning “inwardly,” “within”; root word “cept” meaning “taken”; and the suffix “tion” used to form nouns from verbs. Therefore “introcept” means to take within or to take from within and “introception” is the act of taking from within.

My program defines “Introception” as the action of understanding what comes from inside and motivates us. It is the ability to discover our innermost drivers and interests. And the goal of introception is to find your purpose, your very reason for being, the value that you have that only you can give to the world. But it is it more than that. It is also the ability to recognize that in others and to draw out their power. In doing so, you build your own network, not just by finding people who mirror your interests, but by developing the interests of those around you and to create a community of like-minded individuals.

Introception is the beginning step in networking, leadership, and self-fulfillment. It plays a key role in sales/persuasion, happiness, and success.

Networking is powerful. My career has been spent studying and practicing networking skills. I’ve spent many hours trying to improve my station in life and applying for better, higher paying jobs with my employers. There had been some success and I’ve had many amazing opportunities throughout the years. But it wasn’t until I looked inside and began pursuing that which brings me emotional gratification and happiness that I began to experience success.

Find and experience your success today.

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