Networking to a Better You

Bonus – Almost There

When the road of life gets tough, it means that you’re almost there. When you are working hard to achieve success and you are not quite there yet, you may feel like you will never make it. It is tempting to give up, walk away, or try something new. When you are working out, it is always in the last few reps when the growth happens. Usually, we don’t set goals for something that we already do every day. Goals, by their nature, intend to stretch us to do something that we wouldn’t otherwise do. The results happen when you get past the frustration and pain. So remember, when it gets hard, take a step back and identify how far you’ve come and what you have left to do. Sometimes, a small tweak in mindset or process, will get you past that last hurdle and into the victory circle.


Setting specific goals with a specific end point is critical to identifying the end from the beginning. Nothing we do is ever perfect. Some things you can work on until time is up (deadlines) and other things you work on until they’re done (completion points). But give yourself a start and a finish so your project doesn’t go on indefinitely. You deserve the victory of completion.


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