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Overcome Your Weaknesses by Moving Forward

We all have mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of our goals. Sometimes it is easier to just give in to those blocks and choose not to act. And truly it is easier not to act for a time. But eventually all those things that you whished you’d done begin to weigh on you and become a burden. Have you ever felt heavy or depressed because you don’t feel accomplished or you worry that you don’t matter in the world? That’s the weight I’m talking about.

Now, sometimes your depression could be connected to frustrations and feelings inadequacy from failed attempts to move forward. And it’s those failed attempts that often create the mental and emotional blocks which keep us from accomplishing simple and great things. It is all connected.

When you let something keep you from doing that which is important to you it is because you have something holding you back. Do you have something that you are procrastinating or avoiding even though you know that doing so is or will cause you frustration in the end? Wouldn’t it be nice to just get it done and stop worrying about it?

So why do we wait?
It’s because of the blocks that we set in our way. We tell ourselves that it will be hard, scary, or that we don’t have time. But each task takes up a small space in your brain until it is completed and there is always negative feelings connected to incomplete tasks. And the more negative emotions, the harder it is to do the simple, but important things.

How do you overcome this?
I like the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.” Once it’s done it’s out of the way and you have nothing holding you back anymore. And the faster you do it, the faster you feel free.

But what about the negative feelings? Won’t I need to face those?
Absolutely! One thing that I love about doing important things is that it requires us to face our demons. Last year, I wrote and published a book. It was thrilling and exciting at first. Not only had I accomplished something that I’d wanted to do all of my life, but I was able to impart valuable words of wisdom and help people with the information I was sharing. But something went wrong. My inner voice started telling me that I didn’t deserve to help others, that I was inexperienced and a fraud (it turns out that the same thing happened to Napolean Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”).

I learned that when I start to accomplish things and move forward in life, that’s when my demons appear. This is a good thing, because it’s much harder to defeat something you can’t see. “If you can see it you can overcome it,” became one of my favorite phrases.

Even today, I’ve been preparing for my public speaking event at La Quinta on the 29th of this month and some of my subconscious tunings started to show themselves again. I could let them take me down, or I could overcome them and continue moving forward. So what did I do?

I pulled out a pen and paper to get it out and destroy it

I pulled out my power statements to give me strength and redirect my thinking

I pulled out my computer and started sharing this wisdom

And I’m still moving forward.

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