Networking to a Better You

Training – The Ideal Job

Brett Rich, with B Rich Consulting shares the 4 keys to finding meaningful employment:
-Hard Work

Sometimes finding a job is the hardest part of the journey. But often times, if we are willing to look for the opportunities that are around us, we can find more than a JOB, we can find success. Having income is very important in our society. It represents power, capability, and self-reliance. But income is more than just a paycheck, and not all opportunities are in the corporate sphere. That’s why it is important to know what you want and to be flexible.

Maybe you are entrepreneurial minded. Maybe you are service oriented. These 4 keys to finding the ideal job can be applied to any area of your life. And when you find what ignites your passion and moves you forward, you will experience purpose.

And no matter what road this life leads you down, don’t ever forget to Find Joy in the Journey.