Networking to a Better You


INSPIRE is a 12-week mastermind program designed to help you live your passion.

Studies show that people who are PASSIONATE about what they do are HAPPIER on the job, make MORE MONEY, and lead more FULFILLING LIVES.

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We meet EVERY WEEK by Conference call or Google Hang-out
We do a monthly FACE-TO-FACE meet for SOCIAL and NETWORKING purposes

-Weekly training videos (available online)
-Weekly homework assignments
-Weekly video assignments
-Access to the INSPIRE closed FB group (to share videos and group communication)
-Access to the INSPIRE Trello board (with full curriculum instructions and project cards to save your work)
-An Accountability Partner (aka. “Accountabilibuddy”)
-Daily access to program designer and networking specialist, Brett Rich, for MENTORING purposes
-And a FREE copy of my book, “CAREER-MINDED, How to define your own success and develop your career”

What you get out of the program depends on you.

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“Inspire, the Mastermind group has helped me climb and bring myself up to new heights. When I realized that I had a real fear of being rejected, Brett mentored me and challenged and encouraged me until I climbed and conquered that and every other obstacle in front of me!!! It has been amazing!!!”
-Darylee Ishimatsu

Weston had tried mentoring before, but became frustrated when he was not able to turn his passion into a thriving business. When he was introduced to this program, he was a little reluctant to participate. But he is now thriving and excited again about doing what he loves. He has more tools to get active and even more importantly a network of people who support and encourage him to keep working at it.

“I was able to see that I had been spending too much time in research mode. I was able to refine his passion, which has been able to help me focus on what is truly important. Not only have I become more confident and clear on my message, I have also been able to use what I am learning at work which has opened up doors of opportunity for me.”
-Troy Rueckert

When Rob joined the Inspire group, he wasn’t sure what he had to offer. Even through the first month he struggled to find his passion. But a week or two into the second month he joined us on the call and said excitedly that he had decided to go back to school. Shortly after that he contacted me after leaving the library. He said that he went for one book and left with four. He said that he hadn’t been this excited to read in years.

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INSPIRE comes with monthly themes to get you EXCITED, give you DIRECTION, and keep you MOVING:
Month 1- Find your Passion
Month 2- Learning Techniques
Month 3- Teaching Techniques


3 months (Leadership Development) – $1000

(Do you provide service to your community? Ask about the 25% community service discount)

Sample Training Video:

Let INSPIRE inspire you to inspire others and CREATE YOUR OWN SUCCESS FROM YOUR VISION.

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